Amberley Hall Nursery new menu 

  • 27 Mar, 2017
We have just changed the menu its going down very well with the children.
By M BUTLER 27 Mar, 2017
We have just changed the menu its going down very well with the children.
By M BUTLER 08 Mar, 2017
This week we have been doing some fun experiments with the children,  we have explored color melting and mixing, solids and liquids by making butter to eat with our snack, static electricity making static butterflies, we still have lots more to do so watch this space....
By M BUTLER 07 Mar, 2017
The children had a lot of fun making this dish last week, they made butternut squash pasta and mixed with hidden vegetable sauce they baked it in the oven and then made garlic pizza to go with it. They loved eating it and we had some very messy faces   
By M BUTLER 27 Feb, 2017
This week our role play area has been transformed into a rocket ship for the children to play in, we have made them a control panel, lots of flashing lights, they have really enjoyed it... 
By M BUTLER 22 Feb, 2017
COOKERY CLUB....Today our little chefs cooked oven baked seabass, 1st they washed the potatoes and and i put them on to boil, then they lined a tin with spinach, then they put in the seabass fillets, they chopped some spring onions with scissors and some tomatoes then added them. We poured on some fish stock and some cannellini beans. We covered with foil so the fish would steam in the oven, you could add wine, salt , pepper, fresh chili if you wanted to make at home. We baked on 200`c for about 20 mins then served with crushed and buttery new potatoes, the children really liked it and Louis, Vaila and Daniella had seconds, CHEFS TODAY WERE Vaila, Yasmin, Freya, Sienna, and Emily, well done girls !!!!!
By M BUTLER 14 Mar, 2016
In March we were very busy, we went to the M Shed, and we went on the train to a local park.
We went on the train. When we arrived we played on all the parks slides, swings and climbing frames.
We had hot sausages for lunch and bananas and cream for pudding, it was delicious!
After lunch we played in the sand pit and then went searching  for pine-cones, leaves and sticks.
We took them back to nursery to make a giant collage in the garden.

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