Healthy Eating

Delicious, healthy meals prepared fresh every day

At Amberley Hall Nursery we prepare fresh, delicious, healthy meals for our children every day.

Healthy meals prepared in house

With our own in-house chef, children's meal times at Amberley Hall Nursery become a time your child will enjoy. Our chef, Alex, cooks healthy, fresh meals daily and follows the Children's Food Trust guidelines for all the meals he prepares.

With all nursery meals prepared and cooked on site, our lunch and tea menus cater for all tastes. But don't worry, if you have any special dietary requirements for your child, please do not hesitate to contact us for your child's personal needs.
Find out more about the Children's Food Trust
Healthy meals for kids
Does your child have any specific dietary or meal time requirements? To discuss your specific requirements please contact us today.

Call 0117 974 1550
Cookery lessons

Cookery lessons

The children at Amberley Hall Nursery have regular cookery lessons learning to cook delicious, healthy, nutritious food. This year we have created our very own cook book with some of our favourite recipes that we have made.

Our children are taught a little bit about the science of cooking and the importance of hygiene, all while having fun. All the food they cook they have for their lunch or tea that day. They get to talk to their friends about how they made their meals and what it tastes like.
Click here to view an example of our food menu
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