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Number one Nursery and Pre-School in Clifton, Bristol

To arrange a visit at Amberley Hall or find out more information please contact us today.

 Call 0117 974 1550 or 07930197305

Welcome to Amberley Hall Day Nursery,   Clifton, Bristol

A journey of exploration in a unique environment, encouraging imagination and curiosity in all our children with endless opportunities for fun and learning.


If you're looking for a children's day nursery that provides a warm, friendly and safe environment, with a good quality of teaching for your child, visit us at Amberley Hall Nursery. With no two days the same, our staff will provide your children with activities that bring fun and promote personal development throughout their day.


We provide a full program of creative classes at no extra cost.

Healthy meals prepared daily by our Chef

(shortlisted in the Nursery Food Award category of the Nursery World Awards 2020)


Share your child's progress with our FREE parent app, you can log in as well as other family members who have permission to the app to see your child's learning, you will be able to see photos, videos and access written reports assessments and observations on your child. 

FREE  comprehensive program of settling in sessions

Excellent parent testimonials 

All inclusive fees, with no hidden extras

Located in Clifton, Bristol, our day care nursery is easily accessible for parents wishing to bring their children to Amberley Hall Nursery.


£50 non refundable deposit required when signing

Sensory Room

This room was created to inspire awe and wonder to everyone that enters. The whole room was created using recycled materials, it provides a quiet space for the children, with sensory activities and beautiful soft music. It has treasure baskets, and lots of heuristic resources. They don't want to go home at night and neither do the parents. 

If you are viewing on a phone or Ipad you may not see the video, look at our blog to view it or go to our Facebook page    

Sensory Room at Amberley Hall Day Nursery

Dedicated baby room

We have recently introduced a dedicated baby sleep and sensory room at Amberley Hall Nursery.

We offer all inclusive baby care and will provide all food, nappies and formula milk of your choice, all you need to do is bring your baby.

Playing at Amberley Hall Day Nursery, Bristol

Parent Feedback

"Both my children have attended this Nursery and the staff are fantastic. The food makes me want to stay for lunch. It is freshly cooked from scratch, last week my son had goat curry. The activities are very creative and child led which can only be achieved effectively because of the small class sizes. Parent communication is excellent via use of the online "tapestry" application which allows you to view learning statements and photos of your child during their day."

- Syreeta

Making Friends at Amberly Hall Day Nursery in Clifton

News at Amberley Hall Nursery

Recycle and re-use.

Our commitment to the environment.

What we have already done

We stopped using plastic plates and cups and cutlery for the toddlers 

and pre-school, we now use china glass and metal.


We have banned all glitter and plastic sequins. (Micro-plastics)


We have recycled lots of our plastic toys and now use more resources

from scrap store and wooden alternatives.


We recycle all the food packaging that can be recycled and we try to source foods

with less packaging.


We recycled all of our tinsel and Christmas decorations last year and this year the

children will be making all of our decorations from natural or recycled materials and

re-using them again.


We compost all our garden waste.


We have one side of our garden dedicated to loose part play, soil, water and plants  


Re-usable cotton bags for taking wet cloths home reducing the use of 1040 plastic

bags a year.


None of these changes have affected the children, in fact we believe 

that they have made a big difference to the way the children are playing 

with each other. We no longer have big disagreements over toys,

or arguments over who has the biggest or the most, there is lots more measuring,

sharing and imaginative play going on with groups all playing together making up

wonderful games, and stories. When we had  the single use toys the children were

more isolated in their play, playing on their own. 

They absolutely love their natural side of the garden, and choose to play that side

more often than the other side. This is where we have seen the biggest change, the

children really work together as a team without any encouragement. They help hold

things for each other while pouring water into vessels and they experiment a lot. Sometimes things don`t work but they keep trying by asking each other for help. 

One plastic problem that we have been trying to work out is the one of taking wet clothes home, when your child has an accident or gets their clothes dirty we have to put them in a plastic nappy bag for you to take home, as I have a child at nursery I know that sometimes I can have several of these to dispose of at home. We have introduced a re-usable bag that goes home and comes back again with their spare clothes, so it can be used over and over again. I have found natural cotton drawstring bags online that could be used, they can be washed and decorated with names etc.     

We at Amberley hall are committed to educating children in all areas of their development this includes the environment around them, we hope that you agree with the changes we have already made, and ones we will make in the future. 


WINNER! We have just won "Bristol scrap stores" competition to make a sculpture from recycled scrap, the children made a train from all our loose parts.


To arrange a visit at Amberley Hall or find out more information please contact us today.

Call 0117 974 1550 or 07930197305

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