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Covid-19 Guidelines

At Amberley Hall Nursery we have robust guidelines in place which are detailed below. 

What are the plans for meeting professionals when they arrive?

Please arrive at the building, ring bell and wait for someone to come and get you. Adhere to social distancing in garden while waiting. Please wear a face covering for your visit and ID badge if required.

What are the arrangements for letting professionals know if the child / member of staff is absent?

If a child or member of staff is self isolating due to Covid-19 we will contact you prior to your visit.

How will you store contact tracing details?

When you arrive at the setting you will be asked to sing in as usual and to provide a phone number. This will be used for contact tracing where necessary. 

Visitors for new parents viewing the nursery

You can view the nursery when it is closed is closed. This is to  protect you and the children in the nursery. Visits will be booked in advance for weekday evenings after 18.00 or on one of our Open Days  on a Saturday. This will be a private viewing with the owner of the Nursery. You are not required to wear a face covering unless you want  to. Social distancing will be adhered to. Please wait in the front garden at  your appointment time for the owner to collect you. We will use your phone number or email for our track and trace register.

What are the expectations for visiting professionals wear in terms of PPE, and what are the social distancing expectations?

Our staff wear face coverings for meetings or suspected cases. If your employer requires that you use different PPE please let us know in advance so we can prepare the children and young people. 

We expect all adults to keep at least a metre apart in meetings and social areas.

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