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Kittens/Toddler Room in Clifton, Bristol

Amberley Hall Nursery is an excellent place for toddlers too.The kittens have a wonderful, large room to play and explore. The room is filled with natural light and high ceilings.

A perfect environment 

The kittens have a wonderful, large room to play and explore. The 

room is filled with natural light and high ceilings. At this age the children are becoming more independent and are starting to walk. They are absorbing the world around them at an incredibly fast rate, learning to communicate through language and emotions. We encourage positive outcomes for children by encouraging them to explore through play. We have a large amount loose parts and open ended resources for this age group, it helps with imaginative play and studies show that this type of resource and play is much better for children than a single use plastic toy, we have found this to be true by monitoring the difference in their play. 


Praising and Encouraging the children

We praise the children for all their achievements no matter how small. We encourage positive behaviour and do not punish or use naughty step. Kittens are helped to become independent, we encourage them to start to dress themselves, feed themselves, go to the toilet and wash hands independently. This will help with their confidence and self esteem and help with the transition to the Pre-school area when they are 3. All kittens will use the wonderful outdoor spaces every day, getting fresh air and being physically active. 

Garden Areas

We have two garden areas that they can access, one is a turfed area with a fairy house and a rain shelter, it has soft play and other outdoor toys. The other area is our nature garden. This area is the children's favourite as  they can explore insects, water, soil, plants and all the open ended resources that are excellent for encouraging imagination.

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