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A happy, welcoming atmosphere for your child

At Amberley Hall Nursery we pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming, fun atmosphere we provide for the children who come to our nursery. We have a range of rooms for all age groups providing a fun, exciting and safe environment where children can learn and play.

Making learning fun is our priority

Our priority is to make learning fun, exciting and enjoyable. Our rooms have been specially designed to provide a safe, secure and nurturing atmosphere.

Each child that comes to our nursery is treated as an individual and encouraged and supported to develop at their own pace. Our children are able to play, learn and explore safely allowing them to settle into nursery life quickly. Free play is paramount at our nursery but children are also encouraged to take part in all offered activities.

Our excellent team are calm, polite and passionate about looking after the children that attend Amberley Hall Nursery. We find that their polite and calm manner help to set an excellent example to the children and encourage children to be polite and well behaved.


To find out more about places for your child contact the friendly, helpful team at Amberley Hall Nursery today.


Call 0117 974 1550 or 07930197305

Dedicated area for children of all ages

Our day care centre is set over two floors offering a welcoming, fun atmosphere where children can develop, learn and be looked after by our dedicated team.

The ground floor of our nursery is devoted to children aged 2-5 years offering a play room and an art and messy room. The upper floor is dedicated to toddlers and babies. We also have introduced a dedicated baby room where very young babies have their own safe area to sleep and be looked after.


Nursery staff ratios for all playgroups

  • Children under two years of age: 1 adult per 3 children

  • Children aged two: 1 adult per 4 children

  • Children aged three to eight years: 1 adult per 8 children

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