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Our policies at Amberley Hall Nursery in Clifton, Bristol

At Amberley Hall Nursery, your child's welfare and safety is something that is second nature for all our day care staff. So that we can make your child's time with us at our day nursery in Bristol one they will always enjoy, we make sure to comply with our policies and have details about your child's habits and individual requirements.


Please view our policy section below

Pupil numbers will be strictly regulated so that the maximum legally permitted is not exceeded.

Prior to a child’s attendance at the nursery the parents or carers must complete and sign a Registration Form. This must provide the following information:

  • Any special needs or health requirements

  • Details of allergies or special diet requirements

  • Ethnic background

  • Religion or Faith

  • Arrangements for child collection

Parents or carers will also be asked to provide the nursery with any further information which they feel will enable us to take the best care of the child. This includes feeding habits, dummy, etc. Daytime sleep patterns should also be written down, together with any ways of successfully getting the child to sleep, if there are difficulties.

Do you have enquiries regarding our policies? Please complete our contact enquiry form or call us on


Call 0117 974 1550 or 07930197305

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