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Rexorth A18VO Hydraulic Pump - Rex Hydraulic

Rexorth A18VO Hydraulic Pump

Rexorth A18VO Hydraulic Pump is a hydraulic pump for a wide range of industrial applications such as construction machinery, mining equipment, road rollers, bulldozers and excavators. The Rexroth A18VO series Vane Pumps are high-performance, high-pressure units that provide superior pumping performance with reliability. The compact design with integrated motor allows for easy installation and maintenance.

The Rexroth A18VO can be used in a variety of applications including agriculture, construction equipment, marine, mining and others. The Rexroth A18VO series is designed to handle pressures up to 400 bar (5,600 psi) and flows up to 362 lpm (100 gpm).

Rexorth A18VO High Pressure Hydraulic Pump

In the maintenance of hydraulic pumps, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

1. Regular inspection and cleaning are required. The flow rate of the inlet and outlet ports should be checked regularly and cleaned if there is any obstruction.

2. The oil filter should be replaced regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions or according to the actual conditions of use. When replacing an oil filter, be sure to replace it with a genuine one from the manufacturer, otherwise it will affect the performance of the pump and even cause accidents due to its poor quality.

3. When installing a new pump, check that there is no leakage in its parts before installation. Check whether there are any leaks after installation; this requires careful observation during operation because it is easy for leakage during operation due to wear or damage. If there are leaks, they should be fixed immediately so as not to affect the normal operation of the pump or cause accidents such as flooding and fire hazards.

Rexorth A18VO Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump

The Rexorth A18VO is a variable displacement hydraulic pump with a high flow rate, low pressure and high power. The A18VO is perfect for applications requiring large displacements at low pressures, such as agricultural machines, lift tables and construction equipment.

The A18VO features a single stage planetary gearbox with a constant displacement volute. This design allows the pump to generate higher pressures than many other pumps in its class while maintaining a low head loss.

The A18VO comes standard with an adjustable speed control valve that allows you to tailor the pump's operating speed to your application's needs. This feature can save you time and money by helping extend the life of your machine's hydraulic components by allowing you to adjust the speed of the hydraulic system based on the load being applied to it. It also helps protect components from overloading by speeding up or slowing down when needed.


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